About Me

"Impossibility is a state of mind that can be changed" ~Candra Adia

My goal is to live life being the highest expression of myself that I can be and sharing that every second, minute, hour and day with the world.

I am passionate about helping people see possibilities instead of limitations. The only limits that exist are the ones we place on ourselves. I assist my clients with developing a relationship with their fear so they can proceed despite the fear and use it as a motivator instead of allowing it to inhibit them. I challenge my clients to shift their thinking so they can grow, change and evolve into the highest expression of themselves.

I do soul work. For me there is no higher tasks than to actively participate in the growth, change and evolution of other souls.

I graduated from college with a degree in mechanical engineering. It was a great profession, but I didn’t love it. I started to feel trapped. I felt an internal pull telling me "this is not it." I heard an internal voice saying “Your off course. There's more to life than this.”

By listening to my internal voice and taking steps authentically aligned I’ve been able to achieve my dreams. I co-owned a clothing line and I owned a nationally published magazine. I’ve developed the courage to go for my goals despite my fears. I've broken through my internal barriers to allow myself the opportunity to fly.

My mission is to help everyone do the same thing. To assist others with removing the  internal barriers and fear that is holding them back so they can  have the opportunity to soar.