Transformational Life Coaching

Transformational Life Coaching - Wings to Soar

What exactly is transformational life coaching?

I'm not sure what you may already know about life coaching, but my interest is in assisting you with hearing, understanding and connecting deeper with yourself. The greatest teacher you will ever have is already within you. . .it always has been and always will be. I work with people to facilitate their own innate intelligence to do the work; assisting them with removing any blocks that may be hinderances in life and business.

For me coaching is more about your own inner guidance and less about what I can direct or tell you to do. It's about connecting and healing so you can more fully access the internal power, courage and freedom you possess. It's also about assisting you with getting to the REAL you; stripped down and void of life's conditioning.

Can I really help you?

The truth is I can't help you unless you're ready and willing to help yourself. If you are ready to do the work, I am ready and willing to assist you with making a transformational life shift.

Life is less about what you do and more about who you are being in process. Life is about growth and removing limitations; transcending where you currently are and healing the past to get all you want and need in life. The possibility exists for everyone to live a powerful, fulfilled life in abundance!

Are you ready to go past the limitations that currently exist in your life?
Are you ready to explore who you REALLY are?
Ready for a life change?

Client Testimonials

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When I started my coaching sessions with Candra I knew I was not in the best moment in my life. In fact, I did not know how much was out of focus, and how many things from my past were effecting present, and not talk about, my future.

I had many plans, but nothing was left the paper, and I wasn’t able to make my plans happen afraid and not sure I would be able to.

Either way, I started my coaching sessions. It was a painful, difficult process, with much resistance on my part,  but I KNEW that I wanted to get through that and had to. She was open to me. I wanted changes. And they came. Candra knew how to enhance the best in me, such as my courage,my love for myself. She was fantastic, I was putting my plans into actions, and in no time I could see the results. I felt strong, confident and  I was loving myself. It sounds like magic, but it was an intense, professional prioject that she developed with me. I am very grateful for everything she has helped me with and happy to have been assisted by such an incredible professional.

My gratitude for you.